MOTHERS APPRECIATION DAY: Do you know how to be an Adult? Or are you just “adulting”?

"I’ve compiled a list of things that I learned in my youth that have help lead to my success not only as a person and member of society but also my strength as an independent adult.... All I know is, I owe a lot of gratitude to my mother for the life lessons she taught me. Yeah, she’s not perfect and it certainly hasn’t been the easiest relationship over the years. But she is worthy of my gratitude for these reasons and more, I’ll forever know how to tie my shoes, balance my check books and be a good citizen thanks to her diligence."


There were several tribes who were called “Indians” by the Spanish and French when they first settled here in the early 1300-1400s. When the English began to settle in the New England Areas many of those tribes moved south to what is now called Louisiana, Alabama and Texas. After several disputes about their “savageness”, the … Continue reading Tex-Mex

Why People Feel the Need to be Spiteful and Hateful (History of Slavery)

You will be offended by this post.  Human beings are unique in the animal kingdom for intelligence and communication. However, just like all other creatures science shows us that we communicate more in body language than we do in actual verbal communication. Our cousins, the great apes, operate solely on this body language. Have you … Continue reading Why People Feel the Need to be Spiteful and Hateful (History of Slavery)