October 28, 2021

I’ve made some very serious mistakes in my life. But, not one of them do I regret! Here’s why…

If I hadn’t been addicted to heroin… I would’ve never been there to prevent my high school friend from committing suicide. She now has two kids, is married and living her best life.

If I had never told my parents I was bisexual…, I would still be alone, miserable and never had moved to Texas.

If I had never moved to Texas… I would’ve never met my now best friend soon to be husband.

If I hadn’t lost my car due to being in debt… I would’ve never helped an uber driver save his marriage, or a homeless man get a job at Walmart.

If I had never gotten a credit card… I wouldn’t have learned the value of my credit score and wouldn’t be as successful at keeping a budget as I am today.

If I had never dated the asshole that abused me… I would’ve never been there to protect his daughters, and never gotten help for my depression.

If I had never been addicted to alcohol… I would never know how to defend myself in life or death situations and know the red-flags of addiction, able to help those going down that path.

If I had never doubted my faith in Jesus… I would’ve never discovered the truth and been as strong spiritually as I am today.

If I had accepted the opportunity to become a singer song-writer, via Disney… I wouldn’t be here able to reach individuals on a personal level with my true passion—teaching and writing.

If I hadn’t lost my virginity at such an early age… I wouldn’t understand the world and how it works, and how beautiful sex can be.

If I had never had a miscarriage… I would’ve never known about my cancer in time to save my life, plus I wouldn’t be able to share in the joy of childbirth for those who struggle and love my godson as much as I do.

Every step of my path has never been easy. If I were to only look at mistakes as mistakes, I’d miss the beauty that came forth from them.

Look at your life and treasure the lessons you’ve learned. If you haven’t learned yet, then just wait and give yourself time.

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