How You Know He Never Loved you

You know he never loved you…

When he doesn’t celebrate your achievements.

When he’s mad, he calls you names.

When you set boundaries in order to create physical and emotional balance, he lashes out and calls you controlling.

When he doesn’t keep his word, or doesn’t follow through on what he says he’s going to do.

When he listens to his friends bad advice more than heeding your tough love.

When he blames you.

When he takes advantage of your love for him, by becoming lazy and dependent on you.

When he cries too easily, because he knows it makes you feel guilty.

When he gives up, and stops fighting for you.

When he runs away from his problems.

When he makes excuses for himself.

When he’ll no longer accept your help.

When he chooses his freedom over being with you.

When his mother’s opinion is higher than yours.

When he can no longer admit when he’s wrong.

If you related to more than 2 of these definitions, then he never loved you. If you could check off every single one, then I’m sorry but he’s a Narcissistic psychopath.

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