There were several tribes who were called “Indians” by the Spanish and French when they first settled here in the early 1300-1400s. When the English began to settle in the New England Areas many of those tribes moved south to what is now called Louisiana, Alabama and Texas. After several disputes about their “savageness”, the Mexicans (Spanish) began looting, raping and stealing their land. The French didn’t like that and they tried to declare Texas (before it was called that) their territory on behalf of their king. Several of the Indians (native Americans) who now were apart of society and abandoned their tribes ways, now knew the language of the French and some knew the language of the Spanish. Those “French speaking Indians” sided with the French because the promised the Indians they would give 30% of their land back to them. The “Spanish speaking Indians” sides with the Spanish even though the Spanish didn’t promise to give the land back to them at all. Well, the Spanish won that territory battle and the Native American tribes were pushed out of their home and their land. Well, then in comes the new Americans who has just won a war against the old country (England) for their independence. As time passed, the Americans realized what had happened to these tribes as the Indians saw the Americans as a threat and began trying to make war on them as well when Americans bought land from the Spanish. So the french came back and explained to America what the promised the natives

And so they made war with the Mexicans to take back “Texas” for the Indians. After that there were several long years of building and settling from American people, French and Spanish and the Indians continued to be overlooked. Until finally after the civil war, Texas was now a huge state and had its own bi-laws and began giving back the Native American tribes their property and gave them the bonus of not having to pay taxes. In early 1900s is when these Indians (native Americans) began being paid to do illegal things on behalf of the Mexicans, the very people who stole their livelihood from them in the first place. Some of these illegal activities included murder as well as gambling houses and prostitution houses (that were illegal). The Mexicans were basically trying to buy off the Indians to make war on Texans as the problem. Well Texans new better and many of them drove the Mexicans out, however it resulted in a lot of blood shed of the Indians. So Texans outlawed gambling and money laundering for all white men including Mexicans but kept that right to the Indians because it was the only way they knew how to make money now because they were deceived by the Mexicans.

These same Mexicans moved fartherWest and claimed “abandoned land” in the desert area north of Mexican where eventually they were forced out by the Spanish due to a war started because the Spanish came in with bibles and said that the Mexicans were savage for sleeping with multiple wives. 

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