Sanwementa-The Thought Sending


ELVISH Q. noun. thought sending, mental message.

Today’s world is full of empty thoughts. The blank slate of the brainwashed allows easy persuasion and manipulation for the self-serving and con-artists of society.

Hence the beginning of my hatred of humans. The brainwashed, or to be “politically correct” the persuaded. Those who lack common sense. The useless, lazy, anti-patriot, waste of valuable air. Those generally born after 1980. Those who make money by encouraging others to be just as stupid as they are: the ‘social media’ celebrities, the ‘youtubers’, the ‘tik-tokers’, the ‘trend-setters’. Those who ruined entertainment with their insecurities and need for attention. Those who ruined our nation with “tolerant” speeches. Those who have no sense of humor. Those who read history but don’t listen to it. Those who sublimely appeal to your emotion to get you to believe what they themselves know are lies.

I am an empath, a virgo, a reader by nature. Most people are scared of high-level intelligent women like myself because I don’t cater to my emotions because I don’t believe in them. Plus, I truly believe that 99% of women are born idiots. So they can’t use my “smarts” to persuade me, they can’t use my unfortunate-illness (being a woman) against me and they can’t decide if I truly know what’s behind their eyes or if I’m just daring them to see straight through me.

But why, I thought to myself, let them affect my life, my mood, my ability to work hard, contribute to society and be who I want to be? Why sit back and do nothing and let these trend chasers decide what is taught in our schools, who gets killed on the streets and who sits in the seats of government? No, I won’t stand for it.

So I didn’t stand for it. I got kicked-out of California.

I didn’t “tolerate it”. I got banned from social-media platforms.

I didn’t normalize it. I got death threats, name-calling and haters.

So let’s see if we can beat them at their own game. Let’s pretend they don’t exist because their existence is futile. Let’s believe in truth and speak the truth, keep our opinions to ourselves and our mind logical.

So welcome to my mind. My thoughts. My mental message. I can read your mind. So let’s see if you can listen to mine.

Can you hear me now?