Did Your Daddy Pay You?

My fellow Americans, 

Please do not allow those who adhere to socialism type tendency to make you wary or insecure of your actions or rights as law abiding, tax paying, true citizens of this United States of the Republic of America. Consider instead, that above all, we have to learn to be critical researches, truly understand the constitution and read in-between the lines of fact, truth and the pursuit of justice. 

I know you know this but it is safe to say that many people have come to believe the President, ie White House type government, as a parental figure, who is supposed to act as they see fit to benefit the child, who likewise can give you rights but can also take them away. Imagine a father/mother/guardian who requires you to clean your room without reward. Why? They say to you “because I say so”. A government can only justify what is already just, we elect those we have chosen to represent us, not to take or give but rather what we require them to uphold. We the people have elected such individuals who we want to be a parental type figure, even before Reagan, in the sense of a government having power to not only protect but provide for us. We have to recognize that this type of thinking is an abuse of power that we have permitted because we desired it. However, the government does not and cannot have that right constitutionally. The far left thinkers of today are like the angry child who wants to have his father/mother give him his allowance, his due, his right but not require him to earn it and cannot tell him how to live. It is a inconsistent argument of an emotional teenager. Sadly, this behavior has increasingly become inevitable. Instead of looking at our rights as being there before government, we now ask ourselves who gives us those rights and our answer is the government. This is a falsehood. Our inalienable rights are those we the people own, that we determined, not the government. These rights, though spoken of in the constitution, were not spoken into being by government but spoken of to remind government that we the people can stand against them, not as you would to a parent, but as a governing figure who made up of imperfect humans who may act in a way that does not uphold our thoughts and judgments. For government is for the people and by the people. They are civil servants to protect what is already there, what we give them. So, if what is there is millions of children with their hand out wanting the government to provide than this very issue of a panic-demic shows just how vulnerable we are to parental treatment. 

As we see the government today reacting to this unknown variable and enforcing precautions, they have had to temporarily restrict our life (work to earn wages), liberty (freedom to move about), and pursuit of happiness (enjoyments of community). The state of things were by far not only going to affect ordinary people but the functions of economic expanse. So, as the government is there to serve, they coughed, gagged and dragged their asses out to make it right again. If one understands this payment as a hand-out, one may argue that this is the government providing for its children as a parent sees the error of its ways. One may also argue that accepting of charity, providing groceries to a homeless shelter, or applying for welfare is a sociable act that any good-meaning person should agree with. However, against common true restriction of the government’s first rights, this bill has given itself a “civil duty” to decrease the amount of victims of the people it’s supposed to be serving. Thus by forming a relief fund it is a pool of money that has no backing. This bill is to negate economic effects they themselves caused. This money is not taxable, why? Because it is yours. You earned it. You worked for it. You lent it to the government to serve you properly. Now we claim they have not served us properly, so we require our loan to be returned. By creating debt, you also increase debt.

In conclusion, by accepting the money you are indeed acting by human impulse by you are not accepting socialistic ideals. Do not be bullied. By basing it entirely on taxes over the last year, the government is again negotiating the ideals that we the people deserve the money solely based on our allegiance or our victimization. 

Work hard. Listen hard. And study harder.

God Bless America,


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