Defense Against the Dark Arts

So someone was attacking me because I spoke the truth…

…and asked me “name one thing Donald Trump wants to do for our country. Oh right, he only cares about himself”.  So in order to respond with more truth I have compiled a list of all the things Donald Trump has done ✅ and wants to do (or continue to do) for our country. Please realize this is my personal list of things I have witnessed and changes I have recognized. I’m sure he and his staff have done much more and will continue to do much more. Also, please recognize when I say “he” I mean he and his administration for as we all know one man does not make up the federal government. Two of these are direct quotes from his campaign that I copied and pasted for better information. Please feel free to share this post. 

✅ During his time in office he has met his goals of his first campaign by bringing our economy around. 

✅He has passed regulations and increased ways for private business owners to hire thousands of people, train those people and also make much more money. Most of the areas that have been improved by job increases, are suburban districts (lower class). 

✅He’s continued to decrease the ability of monopoly tactics in large corporations and discouraged insurance gains. 

✅He’s provided means and funds for underprivileged communities to receive proper education and benefits towards college degrees so they have the opportunity to have higher paying jobs. 

✅He has placed America on the highest GDP rate. 

✅He has lowered the annual tax percentage, and wants to continue to lower it, by defunding federal corporations who misused funds or filtered by money illegally. More take-home money in the pocket of tax payers. 

✅He has followed through on his promise of tightening immigration laws, as well as building a wall and protecting United States citizens. 

✅He’s provided means for new immigrants and refugees to have safe passage and easier ability to become a citizen, while discouraging illegal immigration using military tactics protecting both legal immigrants and refugees and US citizens. 

✅He pulled America out of A Global Government scheme. 

✅He’s passed laws to give Congress more freedom, while still adhering to the constitution, when it comes to Homeland Security actions towards Child Arrivals and refugees from communist countries such as Venezuela. 

✅He creates a National Public Safety Partnership, a cooperative initiative with cities to reduce violent crime. These cities include Chicago, New York and LA where gang and mafia mentality still wage war on helpless individuals. 

He wants to continue to secure treaties with several countries, like that he did with Mexico with their partnership to protect our southern border. Continuing a quest, if not for peace, for much more secure national security. 

✅He has partnered with law enforcement and passed legislation to give funds to individual states and communities for better law enforcement training and protection of the people. 

✅He’s expanded “Protect Safe Neighborhoods” which encourages and funds state attorney’s office to partner with the local community to bring down crime. 

✅He’s expanded legislation on illegal guns, by giving that right back to the people, protecting the people’s rights to bare arms. He’s continued to encourage the Department of Justice to train local communities in proper gun management and make proper prosecution against illegal ownership.

✅He’s a front line fighter of our freedom of speech no matter our personal opinions or side of the coin. 

He wants to continue to ban million dollar corporations from regulating our freedom of speech and silencing us. 

✅He designates MS-13 as a priority organization to take down drug trafficking. 

✅Under his administration, The Department of Justice convicted eight members of an international criminal organization, known as the Rendon-Reyes Trafficking Organization, on federal charges arising from their scheme to force young women and girls from Mexico and Latin America into prostitution. 

✅He has re-evaluated the circuit of appeal courts by hiring 50+ judges to better serve the people. 

✅He passed an act to protect our children from all kinds of violence and abuse in public schools, allocating $2 billion towards their safety. 

✅He created a task force on rural and agricultural prosperity. Which negated previous administrations acts that threatened the livelihoods of rural Americans. 

✅He reversed several polices by previous administrations that threatened American energy and sales. 

✅He’s tied the hands of federal government employees when it comes to issuing restrictions against our constitutional rights. 

He has a plan to recognize the executive branch of government while banning lobbying and digitally delivered government services. 

✅He’s continued to protect our veterans providing better job opportunities and education for them and their families, reforming management and issuing increase in health benefits. 

He’s creating an atmosphere of social reforming. Regarding all life as equal opportunity and equal treatment, by reforming legislation and firing legislators who proved otherwise. 

✅He’s reversed several acts that provides federal funding and assistance to self-providing companies that promote socialism and other life-threatening models on our communities. 

✅He’s overturned several laws and legislation regarding health insurance and health providers, decreasing costs for the common man and providing better solutions for the health of Americans. 

He has always supported parent-school choice giving the rights back to parents when it comes to their education and upbringing. 

✅He allocated $50 billion to empower rural America to address the infrastructure needs of their communities. The federal funding provided by the president’s plan will not be awarded in pre-packaged, asset-specific amounts, as is often the case with federal programs, giving states the freedom to spend the money where it’s needed most.

✅He has remained professional under pressure from selfish politicians. 

✅He’s remained a strong leader under attack from ignorant liberal media. 

✅He’s attacked selflessly and diligently on behalf of the people in regards to restrictions from state governments due to COVID-19. 

✅He’s survived 4 years of hate and reticule, lying schemes, entrapments and treasonous behavior.

So that’s why I’m voting for Trump.

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