America is Racist?

D: “America is racist”

Me: “So what is America?”

D: “the people who live here”

Me: “So you and I are racist?”

D: “No.”

Me: “But we are America, right?”

D: “Yeah—but America is racist.”

Me: “So you’re racist because you’re American.”

D: “No, you’re missing the point.”

Me: “I understand you completely. You defined America as the people who live here, which includes yourself and I. So by your understanding, we are racist.”

D: “No, the country is racist.”

Me: “What is the country?”

D: “America.”

Me: “So a country, America, is defined by the people who live here.”

D: “Yes, and they are racist.”

Me: “So Americans are racist.”

D: “Yes.”

Me: “So you and I are racist.”

D: “No!”

Me: “but we’re Americans.”

D: “Yeah—but—I…”

Me: “America is a Latin, Spanish word meaning ‘new world’. The native cultures and people who were here were called ‘Indians’ by Spanish settlers because they believed they had sailed around the world and landed in India. Some of the other cultures who were first here were Aztek and Jamaican ancestors. All others who migrated here were majorly from Ireland, England, Africa, Israel, Germany, Sweden, France and Italy. All of these early cultures took on the term ‘Americans’ to be all inclusive and not define themselves by their ethnic roots or country they freed themselves from.” 

D: “You missed my point.”

Me: “You’re right I did.”

D: “Thank you.”

Me: “You want to choose to define Americans by race which is exactly what our ancestors by becoming Americans didn’t do.”

D: “…”

Me: “That’s racist. So you are a racist and an American. Not a ‘American racist’.”

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